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When you visit the Old Town Tequila Factory you can see the barrels that  produced the finest Tequila from Mexico, yielding 240 bottles per barrel.  

Our Special Edition  Old Town Tequila Factory Double Barrel Edition Tequila starts with  Herradura Reposado.  Following its long-rest of 11 months in Herradura's  oak barrels to increase its inviting smoothness, our special edition  tequila is rested an additional month in Old Town Tequila Factory's own  toasted oak barrel that is specifically crafted for finishing the  maturation process.  This critical detail, which is a proprietary step  for this particular Herradura Tequila, ensures every ounce captures the  distinct flavors and notes drawn directly from that specifically chosen barrel.

Every  bottle has been hand adorned with personalized labels including the Old  Town Tequila Factory's name, barrel number, and bottle number.  

Every  bottle is approved, authenticated and signed by Casa Herradura's Master  Distiller.

We've created some of the tastiest margarita recipes in San Diego and we even have a Cigar & Tequila Terrace.  OH . . . AND THERE'S ALWAYS FREE PARKING!

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